Thirty-five million and a business decision

Hi my name is Gordon D Silva I’ve just been listening to the news on my journey

Here and I’ve just heard that the garden bridge which was supposed to be built across the

Thames is now being scrapped and before a brick has been laid

It’s cost the taxpayer thirty-five million pounds 35 million and the brick hasn’t been laid

Now if you are in business how do you make that type of business decision

You know clearly there’s got to be some sort of investment in checking out of a project

But when you start look at 35 million now the project had to be underwritten by the London Mayor

And which meant that the taxpayer was gonna have to stump up any shortfall in the running cost.

Once that once this thing is built now you know the accusations on one side saying

You know he’s closed for any he’s closed London for any interesting projects and stuff

But we’re you know we’re in a recession we’re in some in the difficult situation

Here we don’t know exactly how things are going to prep pan out with breaks it

People are struggling and you know we’re asking without a question to put 35 million

Under right the the running cost which could be 3 million a year now 3 million

A year is a load of money and means so much to so many taxpayers and business owners in the London area

 Why should they just underwrite a three million pound bill to get their project underway of course you know

If you’ve got somebody else to pay your bills for bad decisions

We could take decisions all day long not worrying whether they’re good or bad but

If we know as business owners we’re gonna have to underwrite the losses on that and so

We we undertake a little bit more caution but before we undertake a project before

We roll out a project before we go significantly into costs into massive costs before you identify

Whether the project is a go or not now you know a lot before thirty-five million was spent

I suspect they knew they needed the London taxpayer to underwrite this project and

That should be a warning signal to any project that says you can’t actually manage

This you need somebody else to insure it for you because you know if it goes wrong

You know you’re gonna be stuck and somebody else is gonna write the check now in business you and

I both know there’s no one gonna write out our cheque for us

We were to write it out for ourselves and as a result you know think about this

Business decision that they made how bad

 It was and think about again how you make business decisions do

You evaluate projects and one of the things about being in control of your numbers is often we’re able to to inform

You of the effective decision before you make in that isn’t that really cool and that is

What was needed here by clever people in Maine you know I’m not suggesting

I could have done it on the back of a fag packet and neither should know that should anyone even try to do

it on the back of a fag packet but we do need to understand that good business decisions have a place and have

It and have a methodology and if you know the result of a business decision before you undertake

it that is you know that is really an important place to be right

So let me leave you with our thoughts on business decisions hopefully

You can make better ones yourself

I’m sure you do I’ll speak to you soon