Hi this is just a very quick video to

Explain why you’re getting so many links in your emails

The law is changing early next year and it is going to be illegal to send confidential information through email

Simply because it is just less secure than in other methods and so we are

Trying linking we are going to be moving into a very secure portal so that all

Our data to clients or payroll vatt returns accounts are all even more

Secured even more confidential than otherwise so I do apologize for that

We’re not trying to make your life difficult and give you more work to do

But it seems that one of the new portals we’re trying out right now is much

Easier to use than Dropbox we’re just going through some trials now and within

The next month or two we should be rolling those out so I look forward to

Speaking to you and give you an update on that and apologize if you’ve been

Getting links but it is unfortunately well we’re going to with more hacking stuff

All over the place in the news all the time you can begin to see why

The government is getting a bit phobic about security so bear with us on that

You know if your business falls under the same category and law then

You might need to do the same thing as we are so let’s let’s blaze the trail for

Here if you haven’t already done it takecare

Good bye