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Hello and welcome.

This is Gordon D’Silva and I am looking forward to our 10 minute call.

The 10 minute call is all about identifying what you need, and whether we can help you. If we can, we will offer you a further, longer (FREE), session which we call our “Profit Multiplier Strategy Session“. It is designed to identify where you want to go, how quickly you would like to get there, and what help you might need to do so.

Please remember that calls are on a time budget, as I usually have one call after the other. Please have a pencil and paper ready, and have your questions sent to me beforehand if possible. The email addresses is below this video on this page.

The 10 minute call is fast paced, solutions based, as I know your time is as valuable as mine, and I respect it as such.
I am looking forward to speaking to the call.

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