So what can you get done in 10 minutes goodness me that doesn’t seem like a long time.

Hi my name is Gordon D Silva

I besides being a multi-award chartered accountant and mentor and coach and author

I help businesses through my virtual director services and one of the things we do is

We typically have these quick fix cause we call and typically

They’re scheduled for 10 minutes now we ask the client to shed your 1 Hour for the

Appointment typically our conversation is done in 10 minutes and

We ask them to spend the other 50 minutes implementing

What we’ve agreed in that 10 minute call

The case study I want to bring to you today is a client said you know

I’m gonna need a meeting with you should we have a face-to-face in Mr. Weller.

Let’s start off with a 10 minute quick fix call and

We’ll see where we go it was the first time we worked together in this way.

He does think well 10 minutes you know is that going to be enough to cover this important subject

Like trust me we cover an awful lot of ground in 10 minutes give me so give me

Those three details and we’ll get on the call so he booked on the call through our site.

We have these ten minutes and things where you just booked directly into my calendar.

He gave me the three little information I wanted and the questions

You wanted answered and we got on the call

I happen to have read what he wanted and we got him a call and in under five minutes.

I said yeah at the end of the call we had a bit of a chat as well so took up 40 78 minutes but at the end of the call.

I said to him so what do you think that their promise to you we do it in 10 minutes he goes actually it took five.

I communicate with clarity I see things in business very very quickly very clearly and that helps me operate

My virtual director services because you know if you have a virtual director

You want them to understand your business

You want them to be able to communicate clearly you want them to be able to work with.

You to help make good financial decisions .

You want them to be able to support your decision-making with information and typically

The information will sometimes be numbers but most of the clients who choose me

You know they just don’t like data sheets full of numbers what they do like is the way

I present things with video with pictures with drawings.

In my meetings that typically share my screen I draw pictures out.

I show them how things could work in the true little I draw a little spider diagrams and charts.

All sorts and by sharing my screen it’s not working to me or beside me on a desk except

They now have the benefits of not having any travel time not wasting any time.

Getting more done in less time which is you know what’s wrong with that.

I hope you that gives you an idea of what could be done in ten minutes or maybe even five.

I look forward to speaking to you soon you.

To book your 10 minute appointment why don’t you just click on the 10 minute button

We’ll get started I’ll ask you some questions about before

We meet you have to give me some information on what you’d like to discussĀ 

We’ll try it out and completely free for your first attempt because of course

You want to try before you buy right why not

Take care