Free 10,000 pounds a year

Hi my name is Gordon D Silva

And it probably sounds a bit far-fetched to get a free 10,000 pounds a year right

But hear me out on this one what if there was one issue that was on your

To-do list in your mind in your heart and you know that is holding your

Business back holding you back from making them you is making your business bit easy to run

Making more sales making more profits it could be something like changing your prices or collecting money

Faster it could be how you get more clients it could be how you get better

Clients it could be how you get your clients to buy more

It could be any of those things there might be one thing

That’s been niggling you that you want to fix but you haven’t had time to

You haven’t got around to it you just just haven’t got to it

If there’s one of those things that

If you look down you to-do list don’t

Just look at the important things that you haven’t done

I’m not talking about you know talk to a client or maybe talk to one

Or getting a bill out I mean those are just routine

Things you have to get done I am talking more about the one thing that

If you fixed would help you in business do better in the following 52 weeks and

If and what I want you to do is find that list of those things that that

Could help your business grow and then I want you to value them because

If you fix them how much potentially could that be worth to your bottom line to your cash flow and

Then divide it by two because I don’t want you to take the maximum amount

It could be worth you just take a reasonably safe amount

So if you think it could be worth a hundred thousand pounds make

It fifty thousand pounds if you think could be worth fifty thousand pounds make it twenty-five thousand pounds

If you think it could be worth twenty thousand pounds make it

Ten Thousand times find one of those things that could be worth

You know ten thousand pounds once you’ve divided it and bring it to me right identify

The problem phrase the question in a way that tells me a little bit about

The background why it’s a problem what the problem is and give me a call

It’s completely free it’s a 10-minute call it sounds far-fetched

That something that lasts ten minutes can be worth can be can generate

Ten thousand pounds but

I’ve done this so many times in conversations with my

Profit Multiplier clients that

I’m confident that it could work for you too and what

If it doesn’t you’ve lost ten minutes right

Please remember the ten minutes won’t get you the ten thousand pounds

It’s what you do with the information

We work on together in that 10 minutes

The actions you take that will be worth the ten thousand pounds

So have a look at that and

Once you’re ready to phrase the question click the button below and

This ten minute quick chats call a quick fix call

 I already have a broad outline from your some summary that you

When you book the appointment will get on the caller will

They’ll be five seconds of job chitchat or how the weather is and

How are you and then we’ll get straight to

It we’ll just make sure we understand

The problem and then we’ll have a quick-fire a solution answered

Opportunity where we can give you some ideas of what’s worked for other clients

What we’ve seen work in other businesses

What we’ve heard works what we’ve done ourselves that work

What you could do you could do that works and would look

For low-cost solutions to it would look at fast-acting solutions to it

And will look to get you that ten thousand pounds per year increase in

Your business stroke you know within those ten minutes of course

You’ll then have to take action and implement those things and

It will look forward to hearing those results so think about the question

What on your list if fixed could be worth ten thousand pounds a year

Remember over five years that’s fifty thousand pounds and

What are those things you would you want to bring to me

We’ll work on it together it could be marketing things

Selling things pricing things

It could be competition things that could be overhead things

It could be margin things it could be collection data collection

It could be anything to do with business I’m a very broad minded

I’ve got very broad shoulders and I have

A broad knowledge of business so please tap into that for.

Those ten minutes it’s all yours five minutes away from ten thousand

Pounds and I thought of speaking to you on that call