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Hello and welcome this is Gordon D Silva

I’m here on my annual Christmas message to you and I’m hoping that this finds you well

You’re looking forward to the break I know as usual you’ve all worked really hard

There’s no one works harder than small business owners and that is why

I really love helping them do better and this has been

No difficulty being some real shocks predictability has gone out

The competition has gone up money’s got tighter I know and you know I understand

That and I know many of you are working harder for the same amount of money

OR for Less if your business is not growing then I’d like to offer you a little Christmas present

It’s my planning opportunity for you

it’s about a 45-minute session maybe a bit less maybe a bit more

Where we’re gonna work together online

I’m gonna take you through my business planning process

Business planning has got a bad rap but nevertheless I am committed to it

Because not only are we guaranteed that the plan will be not exactly accurate

Because never are but the benefit of the plan is in creating it

And thinking about it and my methodology

For thinking about the business plan can can really catapult

Your business from making maybe a two or three percent

Increase to maybe 15 or 20 percent increase year on year

Maybe even double your profits in two years

It’s a process though so you know you know like planning for Christmas

Is a bit of a process are gonna get your Christmas

list up and you’ve got a plan what you

Eat and who you’re gonna have over and you know the whole range of things

You do we often spend more time planning

A mix color or our next house our next meal annex holiday

Then we do our businesses and that is just the wrong

Thing to do in my opinion and if you don’t agree with me then

This is not gonna be the right Christmas present

For you from me but it’s on offer so if you’d like to do that

I’m gonna put a button are on the below this message on

The scrum the site by all means connect with me and you and I will get on and do

The planning you know between Christmas and New Year

I’m going to put five slots aside for the first five who reply

And then there’ll be some slots in January

It doesn’t matter when you do this it’s a plan for the next twelve months

Whether you do it in December with the do it in January or March

OR June makes no difference the plan is for the next

12 months and if you haven’t started yet now’s the time to start that the Chinese proverb says

The best time to plant an apple tree is 20 years ago 

If you miss those opportunities between then and  now is the next-best time

I firmly believe in that and I and I know that you will not only enjoy the session with me

But you leave with a few ideas

I’m going to ask you to put two hours aside for this session

Because after the session ends I want you to get stuck into

The plan start beginning to flesh out more of the things

We will have discussed things that you would have agreed

Things that you can then get on and do over the next one month one week three months

That’s I think we have three by three formula we’ll explain more on the core

So until we get a chance to speak in the new year or on

Our planning call between have a fantastic Christmas my family and I wish you and yours

You know tremendous break because you’ve worked really hard and a great new year

You deserve it no one deserves more than small business owners we helped create

The wealth of GB PLC we help our families

we help our teams keeping work and pay their mortgages so

You deserve your rest but come back refresh with a plan take care all the best.


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