It’s all your fault

Yeah absolutely right it’s definitely all your fault

Hi my name’s Gordon D Silva

And on this blog I’m here really early in the morning

I’m driving back from visiting my mum last night

We had a little bit of a chat and stuff and and one of the things

That occurred to me is what she said to me is that you know the time

You have spare to come and see me and stuff is definitely because of all the things

You’ve done and I am Who I am I’m a busy guy like keeping myself busy

So I’m stuck in this traffic jam at 6:30 in the morning on the M25

We can hope the new tours m25 it is a bit of a car park and right now

I’m right in the carpark and I use the time to do my blogs

It is all all your fault and it is all my fault whether we do well or we do badly it is

Our fault and is your profit sound changing upwards if you’re not making more money

If you’re not business an on increasing your profitability

I’m not too worried about turnover because turnover

You can stay still if your profits are going up that’s good for me

I are like businesses who are growing because there is there’s usually no standstill

You don’t get businesses who standstill by doing nothing different they tend to go downwards

Because the competition is always chomping on their heels and if

You do what we if you don’t it’s down to

You you’ve got to decide is the type of business

You’re running now and you’ve been running for the last couple of years and the results

You’re getting are they the results you want and make you happy and fulfilled

If they are business bloggers doctor you but  if you feel

That you should be doing better and you know you’d like to get more returned have more free time

Have more control of your business have more control over your life and not

What you do and when you do it then it is your fault

You know if you don’t do anything different if nothing’s going to change

If you don’t want to listen to outside advice then you’re going to be limited to your own worldview

Let you know that maybe an amazing view and it may be 100 percent correct but

If it’s not serving you then how useful is it you know
I yeah I’m quite confident in myself I

you know I really know what I like and I know what

I’m good at and I know what

I’m not good at and what my weaknesses are yet I also understand that

If I don’t get any outside input into how I look at my business and my clients

My services chances are I’m not going to improve at the same rate

If I just relied on myself I all I’m always looking for outside input my coaches my mentors

The courses I buy you know I spent here thirty to forty thousand pounds a year just buying club courses

New information for for my business because it is a critical way of making sure

That the business stays fresh and and if it stays fresh then clearly you

It’s going to be more exciting certainly

It’s going to be more rewarding certainly it’s going to be more profitable

Yes it’s gonna be more fulfilling and it’s you know it’s gonna

It’s gonna achieve what I set up to achieve in my business which is

I want something that serves me that’s interesting that I enjoy not only something

That I do just do to make a living and I hate they’re going to work at me there

I really love going to work because I work with businesses are really like

I work with people I really like

I’m in and I do what I really enjoy which is helping businesses grow and if

Your business if you’re doing that in your business then you’re gonna have

A very fulfilled business and this blog is going to be spirited preaching to the

Converted but on the other hand if you just failed it’s the same old same old

You’ve already got yourself cause you ask yourself you know is it really

Your fault and I would suggest that without any doubt you’re gonna take

That responsibility first on because you you’re responsible for who you hire

You’re responsible for who you fire you’re responsible for your strategies

Your response with your business model you’re responsible for your tactics

You’re responsible for the actions you have to take you’re responsible

you are responsible for the results you are getting and that is where it starts and

If you take on their responsibilities like me you will then go right

I need to do something different and you may find you need to rather take some time off

Away from the rough and tumble of your business and really think about how your

Your business is functioning or you’ve got to make sure that you take outside advice

Get some new ideas new new thinking in your business to get it moving

So let me leave you with that thought and see how you go from there

If you like what you hear then yeah there’s lots more on the blogs and I encourage

You to different a few of these blogs over the weeks and really give yourself

The extra thinking mature little idea what are what other people’s blogs

Some of my ideas come from all the other blogs I watch because

I think those ideas are good enough but you also make sure you take some action on the back of them right

So let me leave you those and hopefully that’s been offer value to get

You thinking a little bit remember it’s your fault

Good by