Less Tax or More Profits

Less tax or more profits which one would you spend more time doing.

Hi my name is Gordon D Silva and as a Chartered Accountant

Who really understands business and understands profitability and

Understands the importance of getting a return on investment for your business

Not only a return on investment but a return on energy a return on risk

A return on experience and a return on hard work a return on your time.

The question often comes up with my clients as to do we spend time focusing on Reducing tax which is something we have.

We should do but how much time do you Spend on tax and how much time do.

We spend on making more money and all of the clients On our Profit Multiplier Program are focused on making more money

And it’s you know you’ve probably heard of the 80/20 rule

But we look at it as a 90/10 rule ninety percent of your time spent on making

More money increasing profitability making your business better

And ten percent of your time that we would spend and talking to you and doing our own

Pieces of work to reduce your tax bill because now with the government’s

Changes and aggressiveness there is very little very little opportunity to save

Significant amount of taxes any more laws have been changed just to stop

Tax planning of inequality and as as a result we end up with a massive massive problems.

If we try to do anything too clever which is not worth it again it takes a whole lot of time.

And energy for very little benefit so how is your business structure do you how do you use.

Your accountant to use your accountant to save tax or to help you make more money.

I know which one is right and based on my 40 years experience.

What do you think is right based on your experience in business.

Let’s have a conversation one day if if you disagree with me.

And let’s see where your perspective comes from

Take care goodbye