Market Message Medium

Hi my name’s Gordon D Silva

Sorry about like Sun glare that just then but

I’m here driving along and it’s quite close to sunset

You know beautiful evening and I’ve just been on a course

Where we talked again about market media and message and

That is really the order that we need to focus on because any

Other way is going to this light this sunshine is really bad isn’t it

Any other way is not gonna give us the the best result possible and chances are

We’re gonna get the wrong message for for your business because

If you don’t know which market you’re targeting

If you don’t know which media you’re gonna be putting your message in you’re not gonna get

The right message so just on a very basic tool you know

We have Donald Trump who uses the media of Twitter and

He targets you know he targets 100’s

He’s got 160 characters to make his point his message is market is going out to his supporters

He’s not trying to influence everyone history days

He’s looking to give his supporters something to cheer him about and

The media is Twitter and of course the the message is his messages that he puts on Twitter

That is the right way around but if he had a message

He’s going to the wrong market so you know

He’s agreed not to put his message on into the press because the press he thinks of fake news

And they give him the wrong the wrong press the wrong exposure and not a fair

On another fair shake and as such he goes direct that

If he had a hundred sixty characters and

He did a news conference with 160 character sentence a sentence with hundreds of characters in it

He’s not gonna get very much news coverage is he and

They’re gonna have to make up the difference

Which is which is probably why they get fake news because they’re gonna fill up

That space but nevertheless you know said I’d ask you to you know

When you look at your message to your market do

You first just define who your market is

Who your audience is who your like your clients are that is the first thing you need to do then

You need to find out where they are where they hang out how best to communicate with them some will be Twitter

Some will be Facebook some will be on LinkedIn some will be on email some will be by telephone

Some will be canvassing door to door and so on and you need to identify what that is

Before before you you know before you then craft the message because it’ll

Determine you know how the thing is set out if you’re going to be advertising in

A in a magazine because that’s where your your ideal clients hang out with

What they read then that’s going to be a slightly different proposition

Than an email it’ll be a different proposition to newspaper ad it’ll and and so on but

You are you get what you get the point

I’m making so please remember market media message in that order and

You’ll be good to go if you do want to connect

So to discuss your marketing issues to discuss your business growth issues then

I’d love to connect with you just booked a 10 minute call and you know

We’ll get get started on a conversation I’m not suggesting that we’re gonna be able to

Do right all the wrongs in the world in that 10 minutes but we’ll get started

We’ll get to know each other a little bit and we’ll find out if there’s a

Synergy and I’m certainly gonna be able to give you some input on being able to

Help you you know in some way in that 10 minutes

I guarantee that all right look forward to speaking to you soon take care good