GKC client happy with our services, accountants in London, Wimbledon and Croydon

Testimonial from Ian Dawes

We were limited to only 15 minutes to give clients business and accounts advice at a recent exhibition. We do this with clarity and focus, time and time again.

Imagine what we could do with you, with a little more time.


GKC Gordons Knight Free Tax Consultation Session at Excel – Testimonials

We were limited to only 15 minutes to give clients business and accounts advice at our offices in Croydon, Central London, and South Wimbledon. We do this with clarity and focus, time and time again.

Imagine what we could do with you, with a little more time.


GKC Gordons Knight Testimonial – Free Consultation

This is feedback from a FREE Initial Consultation with no holds barred.

We answer any questions as if you were a paying client. This way you get to know what to expect from our services.


Business & Tax Experts – Gordons Knight in London SW19 with happy clients commenting

This client visited after listening in on one of our webinars on tax saving for Owner Managed Businesses.

“Incredibly accurate and incredibly efficient… and first class explanations by Gordon! Would say fast and efficient, with fantastic support and guidance.”

Donna Rolls, 19 Earlsfield Management Ltd

These clients attended our webinar on ‘How to Set Your Strategy and Achieve It’.

“I have worked with a range of coaches and business advisers over the years and this was in fact the second similar presentation I have attended in a week. I have always struggled with my real dream and vision. I have always put this down to the fact that I didn’t start the business myself but am the second generation running the family business. It can’t be coincidence that I had the proverbial light bulb moment in the shower this morning which has ignited a passion within me.”

Richard Gardiner

“Thank you for a highly informative and helpful webinar. It has generated much thought and analysis of my strategy as I start to grow my new business. The 10 Minute Strategic Plan is an excellent tool and starting point to really focus one’s attention and also intention for business. After the webinar I worked with the plan and was surprised at how quickly using the tool allowed me to gain a greater degree of objectivity about elements of the business. The phrase ‘not being able to see the wood for the trees’ comes to mind!

It also helped generate lots of ideas about aspects of my business, some of which I can put into action immediately. To repeat one of your sayings: ‘Knowledge without Action is like having no Knowledge!’


“They offer sound advice according to your business requirements, and good value for money in terms of allowing you to have complete peace of mind when it comes down to the service they provide”


KND Consulting Ltd

“I would confidently recommend Gordons Knight as a friendly and knowledgeable firm.”

James McNeil

“An excellent consultation session. This was very useful to help decide whether to use Gordons Knight as our chosen advisor and accountant. Gordon listened to my requirements and explained carefully how the business would be able to help.”

Mark Brindley

“Clear concise information. Very helpful advice.”


CIS Trader

“Highly recommended.”

David Lewis

David A Lewis Ltd

“Very professional and friendly.”

Angie Pietersen

“Focused, constructive and pragmatic advice and support based on our specific needs.”

Shanx Afiq

Daniel Consulting Ltd

“I found all the advice very useful and I am looking forward to working with Gordon in the future.”

Michele Gristi

“Good advice I can understand.”


“Cleared up some issues; very helpful and friendly.”

Drew Craig

Rocklore Ltd

“Professional and courteous.”

Eammon Hyland

Refresh Decorating Ltd

“You were very professional in your approach.”

Ilir Berisha

Able Renovation Contractors Ltd

“I do like the commercial offer to charge based on results – very good”

Andy Wise

Game Play Mobile Ltd

“I personally feel that Gordon and the team have a professional but friendly approach towards my business needs, and I also feel that Gordon has always given me the best advice to make the right decisions within the company.”

Van Kotedia

JK Personnel

“Gordon’s Knight & Co. has managed my accounts for approximately 18 years. Faultless to date. Love dealing with staff. Customer experience is a model for any business. I dread to think the chaos I would be in were it not for their continued due diligence.”

John Doyle

Cyberpen Ltd

I would highly recommend this webinar and look forward to attending future ones.”

Andrew Cunningham