What’s happening now is that software is getting better and better

So we were talking about whether accountants are redundant

what’s happening now is that software is getting better and better and better and

The need for bookkeepers and the need for accountants will probably be

Diminished in the next five to ten years and in that in the sense that

You don’t need an accountant or bookkeeper to do your records alright that’s done is

Nearly history now in the next two to five years you will not need a

Bookkeeper to do your own to do your account and you shouldn’t be using a

Counsel to do your to do your own to do your books what you need is to make sure

You get from your accountant the information that’s going to make

You more money why wouldn’t you do that right you wouldn’t go to a garage and

Off the garage to fill up your car you’d go to a petrol station and fill it out

In the same way you don’t have an accountant to go and so do my books of

Course we can we can set up a process that makes it easy like our hands-free

Hassle-free process but what you want is to make sure your car your business runs

More efficiently more effectively makes more money go generate more cash reduces

Your risk makes it more fun for you to run then own that business and of course

Makes it more valuable to sell so I hope you’ll get you the idea that you’re

Using your accountant as a bookkeeper have a look at whether that the right

Thing to do tax planning absolutely advice absolutely financial discipline

Absolutely helping you make better decisions absolutely books

They’re not too much they care goodbye