Virtual Board Meeting – How can it help your Business

So what is the virtual board meeting and how can it help your business and you.

Hi my name is Gordon D silva and on this blog well um it’s really early in the morning.

I’m driving back from spending a bit of time of my mum and visiting my dad and I nursing home and it comes to me that one of the things.

I really enjoy about how I run my business and work with my clients is the ability to give me the freedom to work with them and add value to them and still have the freedom to do what.

I need to do in my personal life which includes running my business.

But also includes you know visiting my parents my father had a stroke last year and I’ve spent a significant amount of time you know with him with my mum supporting them through this very difficult period.

And you know it’s one of the benefits of running a really efficient and effective business model because you know I get to do what I need to do with my clients but I also get to do.

What I need to do in my personal life I don’t have to compromise anything and this leads me directly into this virtual board meeting principle.

Because when I set up some years ago is this concept that if businesses need a board meetings and the board meetings need to be quick effective getting in getting out .

You know we don’t need a talking shop of board meetings we need to really get into the the guts of what’s going on in the business we need to make sure that we are doing what should be done.

We’re getting the information we need to get and then get on with our work so the idea of a virtual board meeting is we prepare management accounts for the clients.

Or the clients presenters with heir management accounts from their financial expert and usually.

It’s with in of 14 days of the month end we examine that we spend a bit of time with my team examining that running it
 some some tests to make sure.

They’re all good and we prepare some reports based on that information that some of those items are clearly financial you know their money based items.

But others are our qualitative baits based on how much time the owner spending how many leads they’re getting in the cost per lead all of these sort of things.

I’m not found on any accounts but they nevertheless essential in terms of running a business and if you’re not getting those then you’ve got to be asking yourself why not right.

Why shouldn’t you get that stuff why do all successful businesses who or 99% of successful businesses have this information on tap.

It’s not a fluke why shouldn’t you have that advantage right and so what we found is that certainly for me to get around to all my clients you know.

I would waste at least half my time getting there and getting back and so a few years ago we created a model way.

We’d have a virtual board meeting where the board meeting would be structured in a way that if there was a boarding the company and if your cube business has a board.

You’d have your board meeting and then I would dial in on on the on a shared screen basis into the boardroom or if it’s you’re the only director of the company.

Or the or the only main direct company you and I would have a one-to-one meeting online where you’d share my screen I would share your screen.

If necessary but typically you’d be sharing my screen where I would take you to the numbers typically in 15 to 30 minutes.

I would explain what has gone on based on the numbers you fed fed to us and explained what’s gone right and  what’s gone wrong.

Where you need to put more effort in you to either agree or disagree we’d have a quick discussion on.

What the action points are to that and then you would make sure that you took.

Those a key you agree the action points on your on your next two weeks or four weeks before the next board meeting or
our next mentoring session or feedback.

Session and we’ve closed the meeting that would be it because then you got you got because either what to do you don’t want to be sitting spending all my all the time talking to me.

You want to spend your time getting the insight getting action plans and getting going and that’s why the board with the virtual board meetings are so good is because one.

I get to spend the time with you right on button right on the nail we get the information in and out and I don’t have to spend huge amounts of traveling time.

You don’t have to pay for that time and you also don’t spend time in a talking shop if I’m visiting you you know because so many.

We may feel we got a you know chew the fat have a cup of coffee talk about the weather yeah you know w may do that in 30 seconds but the rest of the time the rest of the time.

You and I are going to be working on strategy tactics mode business models action plans to make sure you get it done an  that is why the virtual board meetings are so powerful and why they would work for you if you’re off that line.

Now and if you’re not if you feel that the only way of working is face-to-face with someone even though you have many calls. 

During the day which are perfectly fine and getting communication dealt with between two people if you feel you need.

The face-to-face them listen talk to you it’s not the service I often because I just don’t waste huge amount of time my
company right now taking a detour.

I’m stuck in traffic I’m using the time to do these blogs but I can’t do that with all the board meetings I have every month.

I just be too much time down her driving in a car that’s me I value my time too much as should you right and then so that’s why these virtual board meetings are really structured so that.

We get the most done in the minimum amount of time because you can spend al the extra time with your family you can spend it with your hobbies.

You could spend it taking the action we agreed to take and getting your business moving faster whatever it is right so hopefully that explains a little bit about the virtual board meetings.

If you haven’t tried one here’s my offer to you try one with me.

It’ll be 30 minutes max we’ll have an agenda now because we don’t we’ve never worked together maybe it may be that.

 We’ll discuss strategy a little bit we’ll discuss your business performance a little bit and that’ll get us good to give you a good idea of what a virtual board meeting might might be of course once.

We get to understand your business really well there is no question of the value would just increase exponentially because we’ll then really understand.

What drives you in your business and be able to help you in a much deeper way but to get one session going we will certainly get you valued there’s no question of that.

You know who knows you may like it or you may not if you find you don’t like I absolutely you’ve lost nothing but 30 minutes right which is again another benefit.

You don’t have to waste an hour or two hours in a meeting with me we do 30 minutes.

I don’t have to waste a lot of time trying to find out if I can help you I can work with you really well 30 minutes is all it’s going to take it I can afford 30 minutes with you to make sure.

I can add value if you’re up for that so let me know if that’s something you’d like to do and in the meantime I’m going to battle through my traffic jams.

I’ll speak to you soon