Why does a virtual service work so much  better than a face-to-face service somebody asked me

Why does a virtual service work so much better than a face-to-face service and by the end of

The conversation they were convinced and could see it made good sense

But let’s talk about it in a minute

Hi my name is Gordon D Silva

and I am a award-winning Chartered Accountant

I’m really good with numbers I really understand figures

I understand business

I understand marketing I’m a bit of a

Rare breed in that in that respect you know sort of a market and market T of business finance

Here someone like one of my clients actually said to me you

Sounding sound like bit like a number whisperer you know you have you have horse

Whisperers and and ghosts whispers and

I consider myself a little bit of a number whisperer courtesy of one of my clients comics and the idea is that

There is value in your numbers real

Value in the numbers because if you don’t understand what your numbers are telling you

Then you don’t know what to adjust in the same way as you have

Your car dashboard when you look at your speed limits and you look at

How fast you’re going compared to the speed limit

So for example the speed limit here is 40 miles an hour and I’m going under

That but if I was if I was reaching a point where here we go and

I’m come to a stop but if if I came to a point

Where the speed limit changed from 40 to 30 and I needed to adjust my speed

I would look at my speed oh and I’d be able to adjust now in many businesses

The numbers to do that sort of adjustments in your business is available to you but seldom used and

What happens in in as a result is that

This is just do the same old thing again and again and again doing the best

They can and not necessarily doing the best

They could and the wasted resource the wasted time the wasted energy costs

A fortune but it’s hidden it’s you know

You don’t see it on your accounts as a loss opportunity no there’s no line in

Your accounts that says lost opportunity fifty thousand pounds lost opportunity

Ten thousand pounds lost opportunity 4500 pounds you don’t have that on

Your balance sheet but you should and if you did

I bet you would take notice of it you know if you had a cost of

Your balance sheet off for your profit and loss of ten thousand pounds and

You didn’t know what it was you would want to find out

I guarantee R and you’d want to do something about it which is absolutely the right and proper thing to do and

That is why the virtual service is so good because you can dip in and dip out fast

There is no there is no delay in getting in getting the information

You don’t have to travel to my office and waste time traveling and parking and you know feeling

We’ve got to spend I want our together because of that I don’t have to travel to

Your place of work and you know all that travel time is saved and

I can deliver to my good stuff to more clients like

You and you can get more service from me so what happens in these meetings

They’re usually 15 minutes but we encourage you to take a one-hour meeting

Because after the 15 minutes there will be things you can do as a result of that meeting and you could use

the other 45 minutes to get things done the worst thing about coaching sometimes is that

You get left with homework now

If you could just get it done within the one hour slot you’ve put aside for this for

The call just think about it you’ve done your homework and you’ve moved

Your business forward another step that is is

Why numbers are so important tracking them is so important getting in outside influences is really important

Because sometimes you’re too close to it and now

I am into my business I need my mentors and coaches in my business to to keep on track and

That is why you know we offer this service is because our clients

We know they need it sometimes they don’t see they need it and hopefully by watching this

You get a sense that maybe you know you do need it and you’re willing to try it out

We do a trial session and which basically starts off as a 30-minute planning session

It’s a very very smooth elegant planning action setting session and at the end of

That you get a sense off you know if

I did this every month if I did this every couple of weeks and

I did this every quarter my business would be in a better place so have a think about that and

I’ll speak to you soon take care goodbye