Who is working for Whom in Your Business

Who is working for whom in your business

Hi my name is Gordon D silva and the question I just proposed is an important one.

And I think it’s in the next 30 seconds.

This one I just want you to think about this question do you work.

For your business or does your business work for you if you work for your.

Business basically you’ve got a job of until it must be completely honest about.

It let’s call it what it is if you are working for your business then you’ve.

Got a job just like working for any other employer it’s probably worse than

That because you probably work yourself harder than you’d ever work for.

Someone else am i right every ¬†business I’ve ever talked to works.

Really hard and that put more of themselves into their business.

Then they would ever give to an employer and so if you’re working for your business.

You’ve got a job that’s calling what it is if you’re happy with that find alternatively.

Is your business working for you is it providing you the lifestyle equality of income.

The enjoyment that you wanted to do you.

Wanted it to do when you first started.

It or is it not if it isn’t you need to do something about it.

If you’re happy with having a job fine.

I’m not here to tell you that’s the wrong thing to do if it works for you.¬†

And you’re happy absolutely brilliant do what you’re going to do carry on doing.

What you’re doing if on the other hand you are not fully fulfilled by your business performance.

Your business returns your income your bank account your time spending the business.

Your stress levels.

Your quality of life your increase in wealth then the time to look at it is now.
And there are various blogs on this site

Which is healthy look at that give you a different perspective but let’s get started on it now take care.

Sorry to be in your face but I thought .

I just felt like yeah I’ve been stuck in traffic.

I’m frustrated cause let me release some of that on this blog .

I hope you don’t mind.

Take care good bye.