Today we’re going to be talking about the profit map why it’s important to

Things you need to know about it and how to use it today we’re going to be

Talking about the profit map why it’s important to you things you need to know

About it and how to use it so let’s get started

I am multi-award-winning chartered accountant which means

I really understand numbers and of course numbers of a language of business

I’m not gonna argue with him

I’m also the best-selling book on Amazon which is available for everyone to  read about some of the principles

We use in our profit multiplier program which is all laid out in the book so for a small price

I think it’s something like 9 pounds 99p you can get access to all

The little bits of information that we put together in the profit multiplier program

That brings me to the profit multiplier program that is a program

We’ve put together to help owner-managed businesses ambitious ones who understand

That they need to do something different to grow their business from where they are right now

To help them double their profits in less time than they’ve ever

Thought possible now doubling the profits can be within a week

If you’re very new to business and you just started today but of course within a week doubling

The profits would not be too hard if you’ve been in business for

6 7 10 years and it may take a year and may take two but you know

How hard it’s been to grow your business where it is now and how stuck

Your profits might have been in the last sort of 2 to 5 years

If you’re looking to double your profits you understand

You need to do something different a profit multiply program is all about helping you understand

What that is typically starting from a business model and working through to leverage and of course automation

But that’s what the profit multiplier program is all about and finally

I’m a accredited trainer and coach which means

I understand how to get this information into your business into your mindset into

Your team to help you grow your business faster using the knowledge that

I’ve gained over so 30 or 40 years within my businesses and the businesses

 I work with so you have all those advantages brought to you to bear on your business

Which means you have accelerated growth in less time than ever so that’s enough about

What the program is all about let’s deal with for some more nitty gritty elements